The Anxiety Roadmap

An Online Course For Anyone Who Wants Step By Step Instructions To Relieve Anxiety Naturally  

With Wellness Sister's 
Hannah Carr & Sarah King 

Value £222 
On sale Just £99 until end of Feb'23
This is for you if
❌ Your not getting the results from anxiety  medication that you hoped for (or no longer getting the results you hoped for)
❌ Or don't really wanna take medication because of the side effects
❌You haven't got a ton of time to do complicated things

❌You want clear instructions on how to use natural solutions to manage anxiety including
panic attacks
digestive issues
constant worry
keep catching colds
IBS type symptoms

❌ You don't want to invest in things that work lead by women's health experts

What You're Going to Get:
  • Reduce your anxiety levels naturally using 3 tools, yoga, breath work and nutrition. 
  • ​Videos and step by step instructions on where to start and where to end so you don't get overwhelmed and can build on habits slowly if required. 
  • ​Exact supplement guidance of what vitamins and nutrients support anxiety including dosages and trusted brands helping you save time and money avoiding what doesn't work.
  • ​Lifetime access to a portal to come back to the trainings whenever you need in the future.
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