Morning Routine Planner

3 Minute Morning Ritual To Start The Day In A Positive Way

  • If, despite your best intention, you find yourself staring at your phone first thing in the morning (again.)
  • ​ If you feel stressed out every morning and keep running out of time.
  • ​If you love the sound of journaling but never seem to get around to it.  
  • ​​If your days feel full of distractions and you never get around to your most important 'to do's.' 
Our Morning Routine Planner Will Help You Stop The Scroll & Get Into Flow
Morning Routine Planner
  • Set your intentions daily to have a plan to stick to.
  • ​Track both the moon & your menstrual cycle to align with natures cycles & your natural energy.
  • ​List top priorities so you have focus.
  • ​Use affirmations & mantra's to condition the monkey mind.
  • ​Plan your exercise to honour your physical body and its needs.
  • ​Realise when you need to ask for support to minimise resentment & move you closer to your goals.
In Just 3 Minutes Each Morning

Get Your Download Now For £10 

What You're Going to Get:
  • Download of a daily planner sheet to use each morning to start the day in a positive way (valued at £10.)
  • ​Access to further information about how to easily follow cycle tracking and moon tracking to understand your own energy needs.
  • ​ Our proven 3 minute morning routine that CAN give you the mornings you long for but haven't been able to create...yet!
  • ​BONUS 1 hour video training fully detailing how to create not only morning routines but & evening routines so you can actually wake up when you want. Plus how to build spiritual practices (valued at £40.)
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