How To Align With Your Health Goals & Get Freedom From Anxiety, Naturally, With Ease
For professional women who are ready to stop feeling stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits and ready to evolve
Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?
You know some of the things that make you feel good, like movement or healthy eating but life get's busy and then you notice it's been weeks since you took care of yourself how you know you need to. 
Do you ever:
  • ​Feel your energy is being sapped because of the head space that anxiety invades, it leaves you feeling physically and mentally exhausted
  • ​Know what you 'should' be eating but end up making poor food choices because you are stressed out and too busy 
  • ​Feel alone and overwhelmed with your mental wellbeing
  • ​Need guidance and structure so you can commit to a lifestyle that makes you feel like you are in control and not just going through the motions  
We are so glad you have found us !
This is our sacred online space for women to nourish their soul in a supportive circle with other, likeminded women, who will celebrate your imperfections and growth. 

It's for women like you, who want to make self care part of their regular routine using holistic tools to reduce anxiety and improve mental health and overall wellbeing. 
The Holistic Health Circle
An online membership for women's health 
The tools to elevate your health:
  •  Raise your vibration with spirituality workshops 
  •  Integrate simple, yet powerful, breathwork practices to boost energy, reduce stress and feel in control
  •  Cultivate your yoga practice whether you are new to yoga or looking to deepen your practice 
  •  Learn how tapping into forgotten lunar cycle phases can support your own menstrual cycles, life goals and help you let go of what is no longer serving you   
  •  Get access to nutritionists meal plans and recipes to keep you inspired and motivated to eat in a way to support your overall health or reach specific goals 
Meet Wellness & Real Life Sister's
Hannah Carr & Sarah King 
Your guides and biggest supporters inside The Circle.

We have both followed different path's healing our own health and falling in love with natural health practices.  After the traditional route of Doctor's and medicine didn't provide the right solution.

Hannah suffered from constant exhaustion, chronic pain and a feeling of never-ending stress.

The transformational effects of healing foods led her to study naturopathic nutrition  herself to help other women.

Yoga is her choice of movement that helped release pain and reduce stress when other exercise depleted her energy further.
Sarah overcame depression, self-harm and severe anxiety using nature as her biggest ally.

She trained as a yoga teacher, breathwork teacher and massage and energy worker.

At nutrition School Hannah learnt how important is was for women to unite on a full moon to nurture bonding hormones such as oxytocin.

So, together we started to meet monthly on a full moon to release what was holding us back or what we were ruminating on that wasn't serving our highest self.

This began an even bigger transformation into our sisterhood and our connection to nature and life cyclical rhythms which we are so often are disconnected from.

We knew we wanted to share all of these transformational tools with the women of the world but didn't know how it would come together.

Until one deep cacao ceremony (more about that inside the membership) during the UK's initial lockdown, kept us awake all night with massive visual downloads coming in, showing us exactly what you needed and how we were going to do it.

The Holistic Health Circle was born and when we talk about it you will see the energy in our face, you will hear it in our voice and feel it throughout your body.

It is without a doubt our very favourite place to be.
Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join Our Inner Circle.
  • Twice weekly live yoga classes so you can release tension from your body and calm your mind
  • Weekly breathwork focus and  video that you can use with ease any place, anywhere to stop stress and anxiety in it's tracks 
  • Twice monthly moon ceremonies (one full moon and one new moon) to connecting with other women in a nurturing and supportive way.  To release what isn't serving you and manifest your dreams.
  • Weekly health Q&A session with nutritionist Hannah to support your body and mind in a powerful way from the inside out
  • Healthy recipes and menu plans every month to save you time and energy  
  • Seasonal nutrition talks to help you connect with the cyclical nature of life that enables you to flow from season to season with grace and ease
  •  Monthly spirituality workshops to help you acknowledge that the world is bigger than what is going on in your own mind and by developing your mindset you will flourish and grow 

Amazing value:

We have done our research and this membership offers you many more LIVE workshops, classes and ceremonies than anything else we have seen.

This matters because it means we get to know you personally and support you more with your struggles to get the results you want.

Our membership offer's better value than anything else which is comparable because the amount of variety available to you.  

This means you can start by being realistic and adding just one or two sessions into your month and build upon that.  So you can up level your health and your self care routine becomes sustainable habits you choose not to skip.

£39 a month works out about £1.30 a day and this is an investment into your health and growth.  How else could you better spend that amount?   

Value Breakdown

  •  Yoga often costs £10-£15a class but let's use a conservative £5 x 8 = £40
  •  Moon Ceremony usually around £20 but lets use a conservative £10 x 2 = £20
  •  Higher self workshop usually £30 but let's use a conservative £10 x 1 = £10
  •  Nutrition weekly Q&A, priceless but let's use a conversative £10
  •  Nutrition monthly menu plans and seasonal workshops, let's continue to be conservative = £20
  •  Weekly breathwork practice, priceless for your health but let's be conservative = £5
  • ​Monthly value at a very conservative £105 for just £39
Take a Look at What Current Members Of
The Holistic Health Circle Have Shared:
Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get As A Member Of The Holistic Health Circle
Move from Anxious To Aligned Naturally 
  •  Weekly Hatha Yoga to blend some movement with some stillness.  Sixty minute sessions to build strength, confidence, flexibility and awareness. 
  •  Weekly Chill Yoga designed to relax the body and mind and rejuvenate energy following a restful nights sleep that the forty minute practice prepares you for
  • We work with the universal design that classes are for anyone and everyone no matter of experience or body type.  You can join live with your camera on or off, yogi's choice or catch the recording in your own time
  •  The option of discounted private sessions if you feel you need deeper explanations
  •  Mini workshops breaking down the most popular yoga postures giving you a deeper explanation and demonstration so you can really understand the likes of downward facing dogs and more 
  • ​The breath is one of the best tools we have to reduce anxiety and stress naturally.  The way we breath affects every system and function in your body, so if you change your breath, you change your stress state  
  • ​Weekly 15 minute pre-recorded sessions to optimise your breath so you can feel the tension leave your body and mind 
  • ​Weekly Q&A sessions with nutritionist Hannah to answer all of your personal health questions  
  • ​Seasonal nutrition talks to inspire you to eat inline with mother nature to help you transition between the seasons more easily instead of hibernating in a season you struggle with 
  • ​Monthly menu plans to inspire you to cook quick and delicious healthy meals that will support your mental health and overall health whilst saving you time
  • ​The option of private mini sessions with Hannah (only available to members) that are discounted to give you the exact advice you need around any particular health challenge if you need further support outside of a weekly Q&A session
  • ​There is a lot more to life than going through the daily grind, in our monthly live sessions we explore connecting to our higher-self to tap into your true joy, potential and confidence 
  • ​Release fear and worry, practice abundance and manifestation, discuss taboo subjects that really need to come out into the open such a death, sensuality and money in a non judgemental and safe space
  • If the moon is powerful enough to affect the tides, then it also effects our cellular bodies.  Tune in with a new moon ceremony and a full moon ceremony every month  that will help you move past any blocks and focus on the best version of you 
  • ​Rituals include meditation, mantra's, journalling, intention setting, releasing ceremonies and an invitation to share if you wish 
    *Occasional sessions are pre-recorded only
Women's Online Membership To Help You
Create The Life You Deserve By Reducing Your Anxiety & Optimising Your Health Naturally 
PLUS—When You Order Today, You’ll Also Get Access to These Exclusive Bonuses:
Anti anxiety 7 day menu plan 
  •  Food effects your body and your mind find out what to eat to support your body in reducing stress and therefore lowering anxiety.
  • We have you covered with ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks saving you time.
15% off retreats and cacao ceremonies  
  • ​We run online day retreats and in person day retreats and weekend retreats, come and join us with a healthy discount as a thank you for supporting us and our mission 
  • We also hold in person  and online cacao ceremonies on the new moon every month to help open your heart space and release what is no longer serving you, join us at your discounted price 
Exciting New Bonus - The Anxiety Roadmap 
  • ​Four workshops giving you the EXACT roadmap to reduce your anxiety symptoms naturally, sold separately for £99 included as a bonus INSIDE the membership 
  • The Holistic Health Circle already gives you all the tools you need but when you are overwhelmed and not knowing what to start with, we give you the step by step instructions.  Start here and then go here and here to reduce your symptoms quickly and effectively.
  • You will love these invaluable tools including a guide to the right supplements to calm your nervous system, all of the dosages and all of the best brands.  This will save you so much time in research and trial and error.  You will be flying in no time!
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        Plus you still get: 
        * Monthly menu plans
        * Seasonal nutrition workshops 
        * Discounts on supplements, cacao ceremony and retreats

        Monthly Payment
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          What if I can't make the live sessions?
          No problem, all sessions are recorded and available in your membership site at your convenience
          What if I can't find the time to come to the classes & workshops?
          We have found that it's not about finding the time but about prioritising what is important to you in your week.  We will help you set realistic targets and get sessions in your diary.  Once you have tried them, we are sure you will love them so much, you won't want to miss out!
          What if I want to leave?
          There is no contract and you can leave anytime on the pay monthly option.  On the annual payment plan, you can cancel before your next payment is due.
          Can I get a refund? 
          Refunds are not available as the plan is so flexible, so you are not tied in when you don't want to be
          I don't like yoga (or insert any part of the membership here)
          As the membership consistent of 5 holistic tools, you aren't expected to do all of them.  It's best for you to find one or two things you do enjoy initially and make them a regular part of your routine.  Then in the future you can choose to build upon this.
          Value isn't about how much that is included but about how much transformation you see, you could see huge transformation from just one tool alone.

          Also check out our Movement and Growth Goddess options above.
          What if I have trouble accessing the membership or have a question? How can I get help? 
          You can contact us inside The Holistic Health Circle Facebook group, Monday-Friday to answer questions.  You can also contact us by email.
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